Moderation Management

mm_logo_smallIn addition to my counseling practice, I facilitated Denver’s Moderation Management group in Denver for almost 13 years ( This program usually meets on Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm at the First Unitarian Church on1400 Lafayette Street. During the church’s renovation, however, the group is meeting at 1290 Williams Street (the CHUN building) from 6:30-7:30 pm. MM is  for problem drinkers who hope to learn moderation in a supportive, accountable group setting, using a scientifically based approach to problem drinking.

After moving to Grand Lake, Colorado in June of 2015, I’m facilitating an MM group at my office in Granby. Meetings are open to all, casual, accepting, and non-judgmental. Donations are accepted and appreciated for buying brochures, books, copied papers, etc.  For people who prefer individual or phone counseling, I am known as  a “Moderation Friendly Therapist.” I also offer smaller, more private 6 Week Responsible Drinking Support Groups for 4-6 problem drinkers when requested.

Recommended reading:

Responsible Drinking, A Moderation Management Approach For Problem Drinkers, by Frederick Rogers, Psy.D, Marc F. Kern, Ph.D, and Rudy Hoeltzel at a reduced price in my office and at MM meetings ($17.00). This up-to-date, comprehensive, resource book offers everything you need to know about moderation and what to do if abstinence is needed instead.

DO YOU DRINK TOO MUCH? by Doug Brown, an article from the Denver Post on 3/16/10. Although Doug vastly overrated my own consumption rate (that I was drinking “goblets of red wine every night”) I felt it was a good article for the most part.

WINTER PARK COUNSELOR PROMOTES CONTROL, MODERATION IN DRINKING,  an article in Sky Hi News, July 15, 2015 (when I held the meetings there)

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