Gestalt: “Dianne’s genuine caring nature is continually displayed in our sessions. When I’m attempting to get to the bottom of a problem, she suggests that we do some Gestalt. I visualize the other individuals that are a part of my dilemma, and I role play with dialogue how I perceive it to happen/play out. When I complete the exercise everything appears clearer to me. It’s like I look at the whole problem to find a solution.”          –M.J.S.

Moderation Management Program: “The Moderation Management program, Dianne’s facilitation, and the support of the group has changed my life. I know there are always challenges, but I know I’m not alone, and there are always people in the same place I am who are encouraging me.”          -Anonymous MM Group Member

6 Week Small Group Sessions: Dianne is a wonderful facilitator and the best aspect about her is she is so relatable. The group was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I felt so authentic and accepted. I felt lighter leaving each group!”  -A.S.


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