Creative Techniques

I strive to bring creative therapeutic interventions into my work when appropriate. Two of my techniques are highlighted below:

Using Art Materials:
I will sometimes use magic markers, crayons, colored pencils, and/or journals to help my clients reach new levels of introspection through artistic renditions of their current issues.  Sometimes I take the use of art one step further, by asking clients to visualize and draw or create what is desired in their life. By doing so, the client takes ownership, with more understanding and motivation to change their life.
2010-01-01 00.00.00-21Sand Tray:
Sand tray is a favorite creative therapeutic technique of mine for adults and groups. With no pressure for artistic talent, it provides a platform for the client to externalize an internal issue, by creating scenes with miniature figures, pieces of nature, tools, and movement of the sand into patterns. This then provides the client an opportunity to:

1.  Observe an internal issue in a new, creative format
2. Clarify the perception of self within the situation being addressed
3. Communicate and visually create the issue more effectively to the therapist

To learn more about my use of creative techniques, please contact me.

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